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Crafting and scrapbooking have become a contemporary phenomenon.   Pre-teens, teens, college students, moms and senior citizens have all caught the “crafting bug”!  It is easy to understand, our photographs and memorabilia hold great meaning for us and archiving them in an attractive and easy to share format is what scrapbooking is all about.  But, in order to keep them safe and beautiful for years, the right scrapbook supplies are a must.

On the same note, crafts that we make with our friends and family have that same positive charge and can also be terrific fundraisers for school, religious or social groups.  I helped the students and teachers at an area school create a great craft sale that raised over $700.00 for an area family who had just lost their home to fire.

Some crafting websites are estimating that one out of three households has a crafter or scrapbooker!  If you are just getting into crafting or if you are upping your skill level and want to learn more about the products available, you will want to tune into this website on a regular basis.  As someone who has been creating Art and Crafts for decades, I have tried a lot of materials and know which craft and scrapbook supplies give me the most bang for my buck…and I want you to know too!

As a self-admitted Art and Craft Supply junky, I am always buying and learning to use the latest craft and scrapbook supplies.  When I started CrafternoonDelights it was a vehicle to help my students and their families to invest in the right craft and scrapbook supplies and tools.

I hope the information, ideas and product reviews you find on this site will inspire your creativity, help you stay organized, and save you money.  So first of all, let’s get an understanding of the lingo.

Acid-free, archival-safe, ph negative  or lignin-free:  These phrases or often used interchangeably, but what it means is that the product is free of  the acids or fibers that can cause paper to grow brittle, yellow or weaken.  If a paper product is free of the chemicals or substances that cause deterioration they will not be able to migrate acids to your photos or memorabilia and cause them damage.

Using acid free papers, adhesives, inks and other scrapbook supplies will help your art and craft projects look great year after year.

Deacidification sprays:  These sprays allow you to include non-acid-free paper, such as newspaper or magazine clippings, without future damage.  My favorite is Krylon Make it Acid Free spray, it dries with an undetectable finish and is economical.  This product is flammable and can cause skin irritations, so please read the label carefully and follow the instructions and advice provided by the manufacturer. For me, it is a must in my scrapbook supplies arsenal!

Scrapbook Cases: There are a variety of ways to store your craft and scrapbook supplies, treasured photos, and works in progress.  There are also a variety of kits and cases on the market, but here is one of the places where you want to be very sure of what you are buying.  If your case is not acid-free, it will start to corrupt all your materials.  My favorite, and the one I use for all the CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits, is the Iris Scrapbook Case.  They are made in the USA, are sturdy, acid free, stackable, portable and hold a 12 x12 sheet of scrapbooking paper flat!  The snap lock is easy to use, but holds tight and you can easily transport your craft and scrapbook supplies and finished pieces.  Because they are so sturdy and clear, you can easily stay organized.  I also use them for my student’s projects. Everyone’s work and craft and scrapbook supplies remains safe and in one place, it is easy to handout and put away…a teacher’s dream!  I have tried other cases, but for the money these get my bid every time.

Vinyl: Also note that PVC plastics or polyvinyl chloride is often just referred to as Vinyl. Many sheet protectors, scrapbook cases, photo corners are made of this material.  Vinyl releases hydrogen-chloride gas which over time corrodes paper.   Look for Mylar products when buying sheet protectors or similar products.  They are the contemporary cousin to vinyl and although a little bit more expensive, are well worth the investment.

Chipboard: Another common craft and scrapbook supplies commodity is chipboard.  Most chipboard is made from recycled paper and is acidic.  Either spray it with Krylon’s Make it Acid Free or place an acid free buffer of ph negative paper between the photographs or other precious memorabilia.   All chipboard in the CrafternoonDelights Craft and Scrapbook Supplies Kits are already sprayed so you can use them with confidence.

Photo Safe: Use photo safe pens and markers when writing on photographs or on scrapbook pages.  They don’t smudge, bleed through or otherwise corrupt your image.  Again, the Scrapbook supplies in the  CrafternoonDelights Scrapbook Kits are photo safe.

Magnetic Photo Albums:  Do not…let me say that again…DO NOT use magnetic photo albums.  The pages of magnetic albums are coated with an adhesive that will eventually destroy your photographs.  If you are using magnetic sheets to store images, remove them as soon as possible. Over time, these pages will yellow and often adhere to the page;-(.  Store photos in an acid free container like the Iris Scrapbook Case until you are ready to use them in a project.

If you have old photographs consider investing in a scanner or having them scanned at a photo service.  This way if they are ever destroyed, you can reprint the image.  It may not be the original, but it will keep the image “alive” and safe. Make sure you back-up your hard drive onto an external drive or onto the cloud.

Embellishments: Among the most fun scrapbook supplies are embellishments and decorative items. These should also be as “clean” as you can find.  Usually, these are not a problem, but just remember the tips, we have listed and choose appropriately.

Liquid and Sunlight!  Another storage tip is never expose your craft and scrapbook supplies to water…or coffee or beverages of any sort.  It only take a moment and everything is ruined.  Also, even if using an archival kit, do not store them in direct sunlight or expose to excessive heat or freezing temperatures.  Heat, direct sunlight  or freezing temperatures will cause papers to curl or to otherwise become brittle or distressed.  As they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

You will always be able to buy with confidence if you order CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits.  We take Art, Craft and Scrapbook supplies seriously. Your work is important to us.  Whatever your style is, or whatever products you ultimately choose, remember that forever is a long time.  Create works that will bring joy to you, your friends and your family for years to come.

I hope this product review has been helpful.

Happy Crafting,

Helen Grace


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