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My name is Helen Grace and I am the founder of CrafternoonDelights and Craft Kits for Women and Craft Kits for Kids. I am also a mother, grandmother, teacher, artist, community leader, life coach, gardener and beachcomber!  Yes…like most women, I wear many hats!

When I was growing up, I was fortunate to have spent a lot of time with my maternal grandparents.   My grandmother was a teacher and my grandfather a contractor who built most of the small town in which they lived. Grandma Helen recognized that I was a kinetic learner and was always devising some project to help me gain greater understanding of whatever I was interested in…or needed help learning.  My Grandpa Jim let my brothers and I build things in the shop, go with him to job sites, and help him in the garden.  It was a hands-on life and it suited me well.

I have always loved learning new skills and creating Art and craft projects. Eventually, my creativity  led me to a BFA in Sculpture, Ceramics and Design. This developed into a very satisfying career as an artist and teacher.

In recent years, my focus has been to help women educate and raise healthy, happy and creative children who learn to dance to their own songs, and follow their hearts and not the crowd.  Crafternoon Delights grew out of that quest.  Parents and coaching clients started asking for ideas to promote learning at home, provide interesting ideas for summer vacations and trips to Grandma’s house. Moms started asking if I knew how to create holiday crafts, handmade cards, scrapbooking techniques and a plethora of other ideas.  Hence, the CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits for Kids and Craft Kits for Women were developed.

The CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits are all packaged in a scrapbooking case that is sturdy, stackable and they travel well too! Each of these craft kits contain all the necessary supplies to complete the projects and easy to follow and illustrated tutorials.  Even if you have never explored Arts and Crafts before the CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits will make you look like a crafting superstar!  Each of our Craft Kits is focused on a particular project, theme or holiday.  Whatever the interest or occasion is, we have craft kits for you!

The Craft Kits  make a great girls night out party too. They are fun…almost addictive!…and everyone goes home with great projects and great ideas.  CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits are great  for school, church or community fund-raisers too.

I know that you, your child and your friends will have as much fun creating with these integrated learning craft kits as I have had with my children, students and friends. Because our Craft Kits contain everything you need to complete the projects, you will find they are great time-savers too.  No running around looking for supplies, books, etc.  Everything you need is in the Craft Kits!

Also, if you run an after-school or daycare program the Craft Kits provide easy instructions and great ideas to keep little hands busy and little hearts happy!  The pride of accomplishment when they complete their projects will bring joy to your heart too.

Check out our Craft Kits today…and Happy Crafting!

Helen Grace

CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits


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