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Origami Paper Craft Kits for Kids – 2 Student Favorites

Origami Paper Craft Kit For KidsIs your child fascinated by the fun and intriguing art of Origami paper crafts?  If so, they are not alone, most kids are. As an Art teacher, I can confidently say that the Origami papercrafts class is one of my student’s favorites!  Actually, when I decided to create CrafternoonDelights as an after-school art and craft class, it was as a venue to allow students to further explore their favorite art and craft projects. Parents started asking me for more ideas and soon I was creating Craft Kits for Kids!

CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits for Kids are also available to you through our on-line Amazon store.

Most CrafternoonDelights projects and Craft Kits for Kids were developed to enhance integrated education.  The Origami projects combine math (fractions and geometry) with  Art and Craft to teach these concepts in a fun and creative way!  Even at an early age you can demonstrate the ideas of fractions, such as, 1/2 +1/2= 1 or 1/4 +1/4=1/2.  Geometry includes an understanding of shapes, such as, a square folded in half becomes two identical rectangles or if folded from point to point becomes two equilateral triangles.  When you demonstrate these concepts through Origami projects your child will visually be able to understand.  Origami also helps your child to focus on instruction and increases manual dexterity.

Art is an excellent way to teach core subjects, because art instruction involves, visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods.  However your child learns, Art can assist in the process and Art makes learning fun!

Traditional Origami paper is colored or patterned on one side and white on the other.  This contrast adds visual interest to the finished pieces.  However, origami can be made with any type of paper. The CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits for Kids-Origami has a variety of paper in a several sizes. All of our Craft Kits for Kids also come in a sturdy and stackable acid free plastic scrapbook case that helps you keep art supplies organized, makes clean-up a breeze and they also travel well!

Let me share a few fun origami projects from our CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits for Kids – Origami.

Many of us remember the Fortune Teller from our own childhood, but here is a tutorial to refresh your memory!

You will need:

  • 1 piece of Origami paper or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  1. Start by creating a square piece of paper. To do this, fold one corner of the paper over to the adjacent side. To finish creating the square, cut off the rectangle piece.  Now you have a piece of paper that when folded is an isosceles triangle and when open is a square! (Remember what I said earlier about math and art!)
  2. Now fold the two opposite ends of the triangle together, this will form a smaller triangle.
  3. Completely unfold the paper.
  4. Fold the corners into the central point. You will create a smaller square.
  5. Flip the paper over. Again, fold the corners over to the center. You’ll end up with a smaller square.
  6. Fold the square in half. Unfold and fold in half the other way. (Forming to rectangles…more Math!)
  7. Unfold and pull the four outer points together, making a diamond shape.
  8. Pick up each of the four square flaps, and put your fingers inside. Now, you will be able to manipulate the shape opening and closing it.
  9. Write a different color or color each of the four flaps in a different color or pattern.
  10. Flip it over, and write the numbers 1-8 on the triangular flaps.
  11. Write 8 fortunes on the inside the flaps (underneath the numbers). Use the fortunes to praise or teach!  Such as: “You will do a good deed today!”  or “Good fortune follows good deeds”….or perhaps “Practice makes Perfect” or “Kindness will make you many friends. ”  Have fun!

The CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits for Kids – Origami includes paper, pipe cleaners, crayons and scissors…Plus illustrated tutorials on these and many more shapes! You and your child will easily be able to create a fanciful world of fun shapes! Here is another sample lesson:

Origami Butterfly

You will need:

  • Origami or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers or crayons
  • A pipe cleaner or curling ribbon for antennae
  1. Start by making a square piece of paper. To make a square, fold the corner of a piece of paper over until the side squares up..
  2. To finish making the square, cut off the small rectangle, forming a square. (Which appears as a triangle when folded!
  3. Fold this triangle in half.
  4. Open up this fold. Put the triangle flat on the table with the central fold pointing up (like a tent). Fold one corner over.
  5. Open it up again. Fold the other corner over.
  6. Open it up. You now have a butterfly shape.
  7. Decorate the butterfly.
  8. Attach two antennae made of pipe cleaners or curling ribbon (curled by pulling along a scissors).

Origami shapes can be added to or become thank you cards or invitations.  Origami paper crafts can also be made into a great mobile to hang in your child’s room.  The Craft Kits for Kids – Origami includes many great ideas and all the necessary supplies to make it happen!  Craft Kits for Kids are available in several different great project formats and holiday themes too!

While you are looking through our great selection of Craft Kits for Kids, check out our Craft Kits for Women too.  I am sure you will find some great ideas for your own creativity!  Craft Kits for Kids are also  great to take to Grandma’s house or to do with sitters.

If you run an after-school daycare program the Craft Kits for Kids will allow you to keep little hands busy…and make clean up a snap!

Happy Crafting,

Helen Grace