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Craft Kits for Women – Spring Art Projects That Will Grow On You

Craft Kits for Women:  Spring Art Projects

Here at CrafternoonDelights we love Spring! That is why we have created these fun and easy Spring art project ideas and easy paper craft kits to help you celebrate with us.  We know that crafty women everywhere are eager to bring the beauty and freshness of Spring into their homes. As we develop new project plans, dedicated to every season, occasion, and just plain cool ideas, we will post them here for all you crafty women to try.  (Click Here to check out our lesson plans and our line of Craft Kits for Kids too.)

We also know that women are among the busiest people on Earth, so we created our Craft Kits for Women line of easy paper craft kits and amazing projects!  With the CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits for Women you can easily let your inner Artist out to play and create one-of-a-kind Art and Craft projects that will not only delight you, but your friends and family too!  Just open the project storage box, take out the project supplies, tools and detailed instructions, and start creating your next beautiful project.

For me, Spring means FLOWERS!  But, alas, growing them takes months…and sometimes years. So while I would encourage you to garden, here are some great floral papercraft project ideas that will bring the fresh look of flowers into your life in just a few hours!

So before we get started, here is a riddle for you:  What do golf balls, tissue paper and floral wire have in common?  Answer:  CrafternoonDelights Spring “Just FORE You Flowers”! Let me explain.  Our Craft Kits for Women include everything you need to create inspired projects….even a golf ball if necessary! If you want to make your life really simple and get your artistic self in high gear, you can order the CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits for Women-Spring Flower Kit here.  They come in a sturdy and stackable acid free scrapbooking box which makes clean up is a breeze, project supplies stay organized and they are easily transportable too!

Still wondering about that riddle answer?  Well, imagine the women who took advantage of our offer and bought a Craft Kits for Women-Spring Projects and when they opened their kit, they found among all the great craft and art supplies a golf ball! That’s right, we include everything you will need!

If you don’t have a kit, gather up colored tissue paper…I love to use shades of teal, fuschia, lime green, and forest green but whatever colors suit your fancy is just fine.  You will also want floral wire, floral tape, a golf ball, ribbon, scissors, pinking shears, glue stick, foam balls, decorative brads, a sturdy stick pin and colored card stock…and if you have an embossing and die cut machine, get that out too!

So let’s get busy. For our first flowers, cut six 8″ x 5″  pieces of tissue paper for each blossom. (You can also make a wavy cut or use a pinking shears for different effects.)  Stack the paper on top of each other.  Starting on the shorter side, accordion fold each sheet.  Fold these in half and tie with floral wire. Now fan the top sheet out  and slightly pull upward.  Continue until your flower is done. If you want, apply a jewel or bead to the center. These are so cute and easy, you will find yourself making these over and over again!

If you have a die cut machine with a floral plate, you can create simple flowers with card stock and a few brads.  Make them full and interesting and wrap floral wire and tape around the folded brad to create stems. (Embossed and die cut paper card stock flowers come in the CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits for Women-Spring Project.   You can also use these flowers to make cards, cover a headband for the little princess in your life, or to decorate anything you want!  (Think refrigerator magnets, mirrors, cards, or place cards for your next party…You are only limited by your imagination!)

Now here is where the golf ball comes in! You will need more 8″ x 5″ pieces of tissue paper, a golf ball and floral wire and floral tape.  Using one piece of tissue paper at a time, place the golf ball a little offside and wrap it around the golf ball like you are wrapping taffy.  Remember to leave a space to pop the ball out! Twist the top (shortest end) tight.  Now twist the bottom end tight and pop out the golf ball.  Make 5 of these for each flower. Arrange your “petals” into a flower shape and holding the longer ends together wrap with floral wire and tape.  You can create a long or short stem using the twisted wire and floral tape.  Continue to make enough flowers for an awesome bouquet!  Place all your Spring flowers in a vase and enjoy!

If you want the easiest way to create these, check out our CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits for Women-Spring Flowers.  All the supplies you need to make a bakers dozen of flowers, easy to follow instructions… with pictures, and great crafting ideas to set your imagination free!  Our Craft Kits for Women series offers projects and ideas to make crafting easy, affordable and oh, so organized!

Remember, each of our Craft Kits for Women are sent to you in a stackable and sturdy scrapbooking case…large enough to hold 12 x12 inch pieces of card stock and all your project pieces.  Easy storage, easy clean-up and easy projects…what’s not to love about that!

While you are at it, check our CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits for Kids too.  Both the Craft Kits for Women and the Craft Kits for Kids make great gift ideas, great rainy day projects, great going to Grandma’s house projects, and are also great for crafty afternoons with your girlfriends or birthday party ideas.  Great! Great! Great!

Bookmark this website and check back to our blog often. At CrafternoonDelights we offer free project ideas, integrated education lesson plans that use Art to teach core educational standards and Craft Kits for Women and Kids. The Crafternoon Delights Craft Kits for Women makes life more fun and crafting a whole lot easier! So whether you are new to the craft game, a seasoned crafter or you just need project ideas for your kids, let CrafternoonDelights.com  help you create a beautiful and crafty life!

Happy Crafting,

Helen Grace


How We Got Started: CrafternoonDelights – Craft Kits

My name is Helen Grace and I am the founder of CrafternoonDelights and Craft Kits for Women and Craft Kits for Kids. I am also a mother, grandmother, teacher, artist, community leader, life coach, gardener and beachcomber!  Yes…like most women, I wear many hats!

When I was growing up, I was fortunate to have spent a lot of time with my maternal grandparents.   My grandmother was a teacher and my grandfather a contractor who built most of the small town in which they lived. Grandma Helen recognized that I was a kinetic learner and was always devising some project to help me gain greater understanding of whatever I was interested in…or needed help learning.  My Grandpa Jim let my brothers and I build things in the shop, go with him to job sites, and help him in the garden.  It was a hands-on life and it suited me well.

I have always loved learning new skills and creating Art and craft projects. Eventually, my creativity  led me to a BFA in Sculpture, Ceramics and Design. This developed into a very satisfying career as an artist and teacher.

In recent years, my focus has been to help women educate and raise healthy, happy and creative children who learn to dance to their own songs, and follow their hearts and not the crowd.  Crafternoon Delights grew out of that quest.  Parents and coaching clients started asking for ideas to promote learning at home, provide interesting ideas for summer vacations and trips to Grandma’s house. Moms started asking if I knew how to create holiday crafts, handmade cards, scrapbooking techniques and a plethora of other ideas.  Hence, the CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits for Kids and Craft Kits for Women were developed.

The CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits are all packaged in a scrapbooking case that is sturdy, stackable and they travel well too! Each of these craft kits contain all the necessary supplies to complete the projects and easy to follow and illustrated tutorials.  Even if you have never explored Arts and Crafts before the CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits will make you look like a crafting superstar!  Each of our Craft Kits is focused on a particular project, theme or holiday.  Whatever the interest or occasion is, we have craft kits for you!

The Craft Kits  make a great girls night out party too. They are fun…almost addictive!…and everyone goes home with great projects and great ideas.  CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits are great  for school, church or community fund-raisers too.

I know that you, your child and your friends will have as much fun creating with these integrated learning craft kits as I have had with my children, students and friends. Because our Craft Kits contain everything you need to complete the projects, you will find they are great time-savers too.  No running around looking for supplies, books, etc.  Everything you need is in the Craft Kits!

Also, if you run an after-school or daycare program the Craft Kits provide easy instructions and great ideas to keep little hands busy and little hearts happy!  The pride of accomplishment when they complete their projects will bring joy to your heart too.

Check out our Craft Kits today…and Happy Crafting!

Helen Grace

CrafternoonDelights Craft Kits